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Klindex manufactures concrete, marble, terazzo and wood polishing, grinding and sanding machines.

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  • Klindex Complete Solutions Klindex Complete Solutions Klindex remote controlled polisher
  • UFO UFO Counter top and stair polisher
  • Klindex A-Z Klindex A-Z Complete systems of machines, chemicals, diamonds and technical support
  • Complete Stone Care Complete Stone Care Stone and terrazzo polishing and buffing
  • Waterfire Waterfire Handheld versatile unit for edging, walls, floors, bullnose, crackchasing
  • Wood! Wood! Wood sanding machines
  • Technology Technology Remote controlled automated polisihing systems

Klindex, an Italian company started as a marble and terazzo polishing machine manufacturer. They naturally evolved into a concrete polishing company with complete solutions from machines to compounds to diamonds and whatever ancillary products you could possibly need. Click here for the official Klindex website

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  • Klindex Full Catalog Klindex Full Catalog This is the full breadth of Klindex equipment, tools, chemicals, diamonds and accessories
  • Expander 1000 Video Expander 1000 Video Video of the remote controlled Expander

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