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Momentum Incorporated was started over a decade ago, July of 2001 with the desire to reach out and promote lines that are the best in the business. Best in business doesn't always translate to market share but rather products that are advantageous and refreshing for the distributor and end user alike. We have seen the boom years and the bust years with lots of ups and downs but the core products have been with us for a long time with track records of many years.


We span from Virginia to Maine including Upstate NY and Eastern Pennsylvania. Our main focus is in and around the major cities from New York to Boston, Philadelphia to DC. Check out the Contact section to see the reps assigned to the territories.


This website was created to inform you of what Momentum Inc. is all about, where to find manufacturer information – a line card on steriods! You can find the latest PDF versions of catalogs, literature, videos and just about anything that relates to our market. We like to use large images to enhance the visual experience of our website.

Trade Shows:

We attend all the major trade shows including World of Concrete, American Rental Association and STAFDA.

Who We Represent:

We seek out those lines that have a great product, great ethics and understand what it takes to make the sale happen. These times are challenging and so are the demands and expectations of the customer. We need manufacturers that "get it". One size does not fit all.