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IMER USA manufactures masonry and tile saws, portable and towable mixers, hoists, spray and grout pumps and tracked buggies.

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  • Grout pumps Grout pumps Pump and spray with rotor/stator and piston pumps
  • Mixers Mixers Mix it all with our barrel and specialty mixers
  • Tracked transporters Tracked transporters When you have to move a mountain of material in tight quarters
  • Saws Saws Cut masonry, stone, tile, pavers, brick, block and precast
  • Hoists Hoists When you have to lift material vertically...

The philospy is simple: Make product that works for the modern methods and techniques needed for todays construction applications. IMER USA manufactures in Italy with global a global outreach. They have been manufacturing for over 50 years with alliances and joint ventures with many market segments. Click here for the official IMER USA website

Click below for links to IMER USA videos, documents, credit apps and price lists.

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  • 2017 IMER catalog 2017 IMER catalog See all the new and updated product
  • Small 50 video Small 50 video Check out all the uses...
  • Pumping epoxy video Pumping epoxy video Small 50 pumping IPF epoxy
  • IMER credit app IMER credit app Credit application (private section only)
  • IMER 2014 price list IMER 2014 price list Dealer pricing (private section only)
  • Small 50 and Thoroseal Small 50 and Thoroseal Small 50 spraying Thoroseal – testing on plywood.
  • Combicut 250 VA cutting Combicut 250 VA cutting Video showing cutting
  • Wheelman video Wheelman video Wheelman II video showing with stand
  • Step-Up 120 Step-Up 120 Spraying pre-blended mortars
  • Silent 300 Silent 300 Spraying cement under a Spec-Mix silo
  • Monokote Monokote Silent 300 spraying fireproofing
  • Carry 107TT Carry 107TT Playing around with sand...
  • IMER pump catalog IMER pump catalog 2015 IMER spray and grout pump catalog
  • Masonry 1000 Masonry 1000 The Maosnry 1000 (Lissmac) shown cutting stone. Thanks to Stoneworks Landscape Construction
  • Koine 35 with SpecMix Koine 35 with SpecMix Video of Koine 35 mixing and pumping SpecMix Core Fill grout
  • Koine 35 with Monokote fireproofing Koine 35 with Monokote fireproofing Video of Koine 35 mixing and spraying Monokote MK6

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