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Northrock Industries manufactures concrete vibrators, ceiling grinders, backpack style gasoline 4 cycle and 2 stroke vibrators and power screeds.

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  • Northrock Screed Northrock Screed Northrock concrete screed
  • Electric Vibrators Electric Vibrators Electric vibrator used on a deck
  • Electric Vibrator Electric Vibrator Used for form work
  • Backpack Vibrator Backpack Vibrator When you need power without the cord
  • Ceiling Grinder Ceiling Grinder Remove lippage from ceiling
Manufactured in Medford, NY – Northrock knows what the customer needs. The concrete contractor wants dependablity when it's crunch time. Concrete waits for no one and Northrock knows it. When you absolutely need the best vibrator that money can buy then look no further than Northrock. You know the saying; if you can make it there... Click here for the official Northrock website.
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  • Northrock Credit App. Northrock Credit App. (Dealers only section)
  • Northrock Price List Northrock Price List (Dealers only section)
  • Rebar Rocker Rebar Rocker Shake that rebar...
  • 4 Cycle Backpack 4 Cycle Backpack Backpack vibrator with Honda engine
  • Ceiling Grinder Ceiling Grinder Sure beats holding a grinder overhead
  • Concrete Vibrator Concrete Vibrator Shafts and heads to fit most major brands
  • 2 Stroke Backpack 2 Stroke Backpack Strap it on and go!
  • Pro 50 Pro 50 2 Stroke Backpack vibrator video

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